Three Ways to Boost Your Traffic with Content

Are you aware of how vitally important and valuable quality content is to your online business? Content can do more to build your business and profits than just about any other resource or service available.

Optimize Your Navigation Menus

Make no mistake, the most impressive-looking and product-rich websites will fail to convert visitors into paying customers if the visitors are unable to easily find what they are looking for.

How to Analyze a Competitor’s Website

Competitors’ websites, if analyzed properly, can give you all sorts of information you can use to increase the traffic and the popularity of your site. Below is our take on how to analyze a competitor’s website.

The Importance of a Quality Title Tag

Do you want to secure a top ranking in local search engine results? We’re pretty sure everyone is going to say, “Yes!“ A very common SEO practice is to add keywords everywhere and hope your site will skyrocket in rank, but it’s highly frustrating when this “trick” proves nothing.

Project Mosinee

CWDG LLC is very proud to announce our latest community effort, Project Mosinee. Project Mosinee is an effort on behalf of CWDG LLC to get all Mosinee-area businesses and places on Google Maps.

Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Update

The next Google Chrome update will provide some pretty cool updates, like FLAC support and Web Bluetooth support. The major update that comes with the new version of Chrome is that it will label all HTTP (non-HTTPS) websites that collect credit card or sensitive user information as “Not Secure”.

9 Effective SEO Strategies

Getting Started Choosing a Domain Name When choosing a domain name keep in mind to include your main keyword in the name. If your main keyword was “Swiss Replica Watches” then you would want a domain name like:

Three Great Reasons to Get a New Website

It’s 2016; web design and development is ripe with new technology and styles: responsive design (adaptive fluid display), parallax scrolling, pure CSS3 rendering and SVG graphics just to name a few.

How Old is Your Content?

How old is your content? If you answered more than 2 months, you need to write a new post or update right away. Search engines are not actively scanning and indexing your site as much as they could be because of this.

Partnership with Danarious, Inc.

Danarious, Inc. is a restaurant management and consulting company based in Western New York. They were looking to recreate a previously successful Restaurant Management Software they had built years ago on the Windows XP platform.