Three Great Reasons to Get a New Website

It’s 2016; web design and development is ripe with new technology and styles: responsive design (adaptive fluid display), parallax scrolling, pure CSS3 rendering and SVG graphics just to name a few. Yet we still see a huge amount of websites still holding on to their old static sites from yesteryear.

One local business in our area still has their site live on Geocities, which has since been hacked and infected with malicious code. This site ranks just fine for their market, somehow, but we digress.

This article is for any business owner with an older website still sitting on the fence contemplating a new design or not. This is also for business owners that are completely disenfranchised with their website and that think it doesn’t do anything for them.

Our message to you is this: Get yourself a new design and have it made right.

This isn’t a shameless plug to try to reel you in for a new website design with CWDG. We are simply speaking fact; a good website is the single strongest marketing avenue your business has.

A Good Website Will Grow Your Business

We have seen it before with our designs. We have customers who were blown away with how their website could be that effective at driving in calls. Some were even able to scale back their other paid marketing efforts or discontinue them completely because of their new-found exposure.

Here’s three good reason to get a new website (really good ones at that):

  1. If your website isn’t built to work on smartphones, you’re missing out on almost 50% of all potential traffic. We’re sure you understand margins, a 50% loss on anything is a disaster.
  2. Over 2/3rd’s of you have already integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy.
  3. 6 in 10 say that they won’t recommend a poorly designed website to others.

Getting a good website design and development doesn’t always has to be for top dollar, but it most certainly shouldn’t be made through a free website builder either.

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