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We are a professional Web Design & Development company that provides a wide variety of Web services to their clients. We provide web design, web development, custom CMS, custom WordPress themes, search engine optimization (SEO) services including both on-page and off-page measures, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Management and eCommerce websites.

We take pride in being able to offer quality designs, custom web development and SEO services to businesses of all kinds. The websites we create are built to the latest HTML5 & CSS3 specs and include the best practices behind information science & usability. Your site will not only look great, it will be built to be intuitive and interactive. Our SEO measures will ensure that you reach your local target audience.

Our clients have the piece of mind knowing that the website we build for them is their own. Some web design companies bill you the same rate for a normal website, but keep proprietary ownership of the design, pages and all of the content therein.

This is like paying full price to have your business place constructed, but only being able to lease it from the contractor after it's completed. That's not realistic; your website should represent your business online the same way your business place represents you in real life.

We make sure you own the copyright to your website, provides you with a complete backup of your website upon completion and gives you the access to change your content as you please.

Free Consultation

We offer one free consultation meeting to get to know you and your business. We'll go over the Web needs you have and provide the best feedback and ideas going forward.

If you already have a website, we will provide you with a free, complete and unbias analysis of your home page that will tell you how you're doing according to today's Web standards. Contact us today to get started!

Satisfied Clients

What Can We Do For You?

Our main pride is to be able to create modern & versatile websites that are built not only to the client's preference and specs, but one that their users will enjoy using. We guarantee that your customers will have no trouble finding any information they're looking for.

We do so by utilizing a variety of methods:

  1. Combining modern styles & trends with usable design methods.
  2. Creating unique designs built from scratch using the client's own ideas and concepts.
    • Our web design team has custom-created hundreds of deeply enriched, creative websites and brand-enhancing solutions. Our web development team works very close with the client to ensure every detail is met and that our finished product exceeds your expectations.
  3. The home page or main service page will have basic SEO mark-up put in place so that people searching on Google or Bing will have little troubles finding you and your site will begin to compete with the best of your competition!

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Jay Patel - Owner

Services Rendered: Web Design,Conceptual Design,Web Development,Hosting

When we decided that our website is going to be the face of our company, and essentially our calling card to potential clients, we posted a help wanted ad and received a prompt reply from Doug of CWDG. The quality of work and attention to detail displayed throughout the entire redesign process, was extremely impressive. His ability to turn our ideas into fully functional and easy to navigate website was really impressive. Best of all was that he kept us up to date for any changes that were made or ones he will be making; we never felt he was hundreds of miles away. We feel extremely fortunate that CWDG replied our ad. We are confident that our website will give us an advantage over our competitors. We strongly recommend CWDG for those who are looking for an affordable experienced web designer to launch or redesign their website.