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    Free Website Analysis by CWDG LLC
  • High Quality Website Design

    High Quality Website Design

    We are not your average web design company. Anyone with basic knowledge of web design can put together a website. Our coders are versed in the latest in coding technology and our websites are created to exceed our customers' expectations. When your site is complete you will receive a copy of all images, documents and videos created.


  • Social Media

    Social Media has become an intricate part of a company's marketing plan and is a great way for your company to announce new products, services, sales and to stay in touch with customers.


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    Services Provided

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • WordPress Blog
    • and more!
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Our SEO clients have seen proven results and achieved higher ranking in both their target markets and locale. CWDG's web design comes pre-packaged with basic SEO measures that ensures that your site is built on a solid foundation. Our SEO packages include extra measures that are taken to ensure that your website reaches its intended audience.


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Web Hosting

Fully Managed Web Hosting Services in Wausau, WI

I have worked with other hosting companies that provided identical services for less, but never worked with a company that will not only fix the problem but explain the issue so that it does not reoccur. I will continue working with CWDG for all my future projects and I suggest their services to my fellow business owners. -Mark Stevens

Website Design & Development

Web Design with a Marketing Edge in wausau, central wisconsin

CWDG is a professional web development group that combines creative website design with custom web programming to create great looking websites that perform exactly the way you need them to. By default, we perform basic SEO measures to make sure your site ranks amongst your local competitors' websites.

SEO Packages

Affordable SEO services

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction with everything we do. In most cases, we far exceed our customers' expectations and complete our projects earlier than expected by our clients. Our SEO specialists will help you reach Page 1 of your target market and increase your online sales. Contact us today!

Wausau's Cutting-Edge Website Design and Development Company

Welcome to Cottrell Web Development Group (CWDG LLC) and thank you for visiting our website! Did you know that having a properly designed responsive website can not only increase sales and exposure, but open the door to thousands of new clients? With that said, there's also the reality that a modern website design is only the beginning of a solid online presence. Today's search engines also analyze the structure and programming of your site as well as the quality of the content on the page. Google now ranks your site depending on its ability to perform on smartphones and tablets.

Any website design company can design a page, but not every company can program that page to the ever-growing standards of the World Wide Web.

We offer our Web and IT services across the United States, as well as locally to the Central Wisconsin area where we operate from. These areas include: Abbotsford, Colby, Marshfield, Mosinee, Neillsville, Medford, Plover, Stevens Point, Wausau & Wisconsin Rapids.

What Can We Do For You?

We are a full service U.S.-based Web Development company. We offer both Informational and eCommerce websites with custom programming and SEO. We can help you promote your business online with a great looking, custom website design utilizing dynamic elements and integrated social media to generate positive, long-ranging results. We will work with you to create a design that is suitable for you and your needs.

We can do so by using modern, easily-accessible, base website design methods; by customizing a pre-selected template; or by creating a unique website design from scratch using your ideas or concepts. Our professional website designers have custom-created thousands of deeply enriched, creative websites and brand-enhancing solutions. Our development team works very close with our sales team to ensure every detail is met and that our finished product exceeds your expectations.

Beware of Deceptive Advertising!

Every other SEO company out there is now marketing Guaranteed Front Page Listing. Yes, they and anyone else can get you on the front page of Google. However, this may not be what you think it is. We have seen some SEO companies will get you listed for your business name and, in some cases, only within your city. The details below will allow you to get what they are offering for free.

  1. Place your business name and locale in your title and description tags.
  2. Add a copyright in the footer with your business name.
  3. Add your address to the footer.
  4. Wait a few days/weeks for Google to pick-up on the changes!

The issue is in most cases people are searching for a service or product, and not necessarily your company name. Heck, some people don't know who you are yet. This is why we suggest working with a reputable SEO company that lays out the details and is truthful and forthcoming each and every step of the way.

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