Partnership with Danarious, Inc.

Danarious, Inc. is a restaurant management and consulting company based in Western New York. They were looking to recreate a previously successful Restaurant Management Software they had built years ago on the Windows XP platform. The software was built soley to work on XP so when Windows Vista & Windows 7 came out, their software would not work on the new platforms. Thus, they were dead in the water.

After speaking with the owner, Charles Villafranca, we saw how passionate he was about helping restaurateurs run their establishment and his desire to give them access to something that only nationwide restaurant chain were able to use before. They had much success with the old system because restaurants were hungry for software that could assist them. After seeing the potential for our own business and what could be done for the average restaurant with this software, we jumped on board and became partners with Danarious, Inc.

Upon assessment, we determined that a Web-based Restaurant Management System was feasible and that would allow for continued development and a very little chance for the software to become obsolete. After more than a year’s worth of solid development and countless hours of programming, we completed the software which included the Danarious Inc. website and the Danarious Restaurant Management Software which combines many day-to-day operational data restaurant operators normally deal with.

We strive to make Danarious Inc. the best possible solution for restaurateurs, saving them time and effort when it comes to successfully managing their restaurant. If you are a restaurant owner or operator and you’re looking to see how you can maximize your performance, contact Danarious today for a FREE consultation.

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