How Old is Your Content?

How old is your content? If you answered more than 2 months, you need to write a new post or update right away. Search engines are not actively scanning and indexing your site as much as they could be because of this.

Search engines like Google and Bing now have a freshness factor so the age and rate at which you update your content matters. That’s right, today’s major search engines treat your old outdated content on the page like that questionable piece of fruit at the market.

They’re going to pass it over and go with one that is fresh.

Updating your website content on a monthly basis shows Google and Bing you’re serious about your online presence and will rank your site higher in search results. Higher ranking means more traffic!

If you have any questions about your website or how to write good quality content, get a hold of us today for a free consultation. We can show you exactly how to get your website to work for your business!

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