Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Update

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The next Google Chrome update will provide some pretty cool updates, like FLAC support and Web Bluetooth support.

The major update that comes with the new version of Chrome is that it will label all HTTP (non-HTTPS) websites that collect credit card or sensitive user information as “Not Secure”.

This is a good thing; you’ll know if you’re buying from a shady online store or a website that’s not 100% secure. However, this just the beginning of a new chapter on the Web. ZDNET confirms that this “…move is a first step in a long-term plan to clearly mark as non-secure all HTTP sites regardless of their content.”

The issue that arises here is that by having your website marked as unsecure, regardless of content, that it will convey to some people that you are careless about your online presence and user privacy. We’re not saying that is the case – in fact this has yet to be implemented – but we all know that some users will see it this way.

Bottom Line

If you’re collecting users’ billing information or other highly-sensitive information, your website should be secure (HTTPS) if it isn’t already. You’re obligated to yourself, your business and your customers to protect their information. When this new update comes out, you’ll have an even better reason to get HTTPS secure because you’ll be branded by the most popular Web browser as being “Not Secure”. We guarantee this label will be a stigma on your online presence.

If you own a website – any kind of website – and are concered about information security & your brand image, you should secure your website with a site-wide SSL certificate. We’re not sure when Chrome will mark all non-HTTPS websites, but you’ll be thankful you stayed ahead of the game on this one.

Internet users are fickle and if you upset them or give them a good reason to doubt you, that can be the end of your online success.

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