Google Abandons Google Plus Requirement

Some interesting news in the Web; Google is abandoning the requirement that you need a Google Plus (G+) account to establish a YouTube page or any other Google tool.

A New Era in Website Design

Some of our competition claim that Google’s mobile-friendly update on April 21st will be the end to your website as you know it if you don’t upgrade to a responsive design.  They say that you will have massive drops in traffic and signal that “the end is nigh!”.

Responsive Design 101

You may have heard that Google is about to start ranking sites based on their abilities to display on smartphones and tablets. We talked about it a few weeks ago here and this post is, technically, a second part to that post.

Big Google Change on the Horizon

It’s official, Google is going to start favoring responsive designs when determining search rankings.

Three Types of SEO Companies

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to one’s online livelihood on the Web today and the SEO industry shows no signs of stopping. As with any booming business in America, this eventually attracts people and/or businesses whom offer substandard services at ridiculous rates.

Free JavaScript and jQuery Compression Tool

CWDG LLC is pleased to announce their JavaScript/Jquery Minifier web tool is available now. This minifier handles both JavaScript and jQuery code flawlessly. Compressing your code reduces page load times and lowers bandwidth usage. Try our JS Minifier today to help your website’s load speed! Minify My JS!

Weekly SEO Tasks

Below is a list of simple tasks that you should be performing on a weekly basis to keep your site on top in the search results.

4 Ways To Keep People Coming Back To Your Blog

Blogging is a perfect way for people to share their thoughts with others. When people blog, it means they keep an updated online journal or diary. Companies might also blog to help increase the amount of business on their web sites.

Do You Really Own Your Website?

What exactly happens when you order a domain name, secure a great value web hosting account and ask your web designer to set up your website to showcase your products? Do you know how to manage your web hosting account and your email accounts?

8 Guidelines For Usability Testing

In professional web design circles, the usability testing session has become an essential component of any major project.