Some interesting news in the Web; Google is abandoning the requirement that you need a Google Plus (G+) account to establish a YouTube page or any other Google tool. Here is what Yuyu Chen at SearchEngineWatch had to say about this:…/24…/google-gives-up-on-google

For those of you that are unfamiliar with G+, this was Google’s social media network, an attempt to take on Facebook and Twitter. On the best possible day, it accounted for 2% of all social media traffic. Facebook, Twitter and the other social media giants just had too much of a hold. Google then had to find new relevance for this tool and made G+ more semantically relevant. This meant that if you set G+ up properly and linked to your website, your online presence would see a significant boost in search rankings.

What has yet to be seen is if Google keeps the semantic value in place or if all of our G+ pages are just rubbish now. We do not recommend deleting your account just yet, but as far as current relevance goes – keep the basic information in G+ up-to-date and it will benefit your company as a Google-certified local directory submission.

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