A New Era in Website Design

Some of our competition claim that Google’s mobile-friendly update on April 21st will be the end to your website as you know it if you don’t upgrade to a responsive design.  They say that you will have massive drops in traffic and signal that “the end is nigh!”.

While you won’t have the marketing advantage that responsive sites have, the trick is not to be intimidated. At CWDG LLC, we like to view this change as a continuing evolution of the Web and a positive step in the right direction.  The truth is Google is simply following a trend the U.S. and the rest of the world is taking. As of January 2014, 64% of American adults own a smartphone and at the end of 2014, 1.75 billion people worldwide now have one.

A big reason for this update is that a lot of people are accustomed to using their smartphones, it is now a major part of their daily lives. They use it for their alarm clock, news, email, browser, social networking, shopping, blogging, gaming, camera, video, audio recording, Wi-Fi hot spots and the list just goes on and on, and it will keep growing as long as there is human ingenuity.

If all of the evidence you’ve seen so far doesn’t convince you, then you may want to listen to the people.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

We have detailed what Responsive Design is and what you can do to check if your website is mobile-ready in prior posts. We encourage you to read these for a better understanding of what this change means to you.

Keep Calm and Carry On

There is no need to fret if you don’t meet the Tuesday, April 21st deadline. If you have a long-established website and good viewership, you shouldn’t feel the hit as hard as a newer website that only gets a handful of views a month. However, if you do care about how your website delivers to your potential customers, you really need to make the transition to a responsive website right now. It is crucial to keeping your website profitable.

You Can Trust CWDG

CWDG has been building nothing but responsive websites for many years and we are confident that we can create an amazing design for you that will guarantee results. We also keep maintenance of your site after the build, updating the framework and scripts as important updates are released.

Keep Your Brand Intact or Start Fresh!

We can take your exact layout you have now and install the responsive design around it, leaving your image the same and not making you go with a brand new design. You can also entice your current and new customers by going with a brand new design originally conceived by CWDG. We will never use a pre-built template unless you provide us with one!

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