Market Your Website For The Real World

Although it is clear that most website users of the internet use search a engines to find their destination, is there a better alternative? I recently had a look at the stats of a website I have been working on.

10 Reasons Why People Don’t Visit Your Website

Here are ten very good reasons why someone won’t visit, or revisit, your website. A good website engages the user, is usable and it entices them to return again and again.

Using Newsletters to Increase Revenue

A main use of a newsletter is to distribute information to your readers about your site including product announcements, site updates, news and more.

Always Collect an Email Address

The power of collecting an email address is amazing. You can expect between 1 and 10 percent of visitors to make a purchase on their initial visit to your website (conversion rate) and between 10 and 33 percent to give you their email address (signup rate).