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When CWDG LLC joined the Mosinee Chamber of Commerce this year, we wanted start our membership on a good note and help out the local business community. Through the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce, we found a chamber member that was in need. The owner, Lynn Vander Waal, was in the market for a website as she was unable to rake in enough business through her own marketing efforts. The problem she had was that no other web design teams could work within her budget limits, they were all asking for at least double what she could possibly afford.

We decided to really help Lynn out and donated to her a modern, responsive website along with some basic SEO mark-up so people searching for their services would have little to no problems finding them. Click the button below to visit the website.

Lynn hopes to not only continue to provide dog grooming services, but to shift focus to formally training others how to groom and dress their own pets. If you are in need of dog grooming services or training, contact Lynn today!

Update October 2016: After a year or so since launching their website, this client has moved their business from their home to a unique location and tells us there are people from all over the state contacting her for training.

As you can see, having a properly built website can grow your business!

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