Staab Construction

Staab Construction

In-house Project

Staab ran in to some system issues with their old design and content management system after a server update disabled some code functionality. They needed a new content management system that was easier to maintain themselves and also provided the ability to manage users and permissions properly. Staab’s main priority was to be able to attract new employees to their site and ease the application process. We took an in-depth look at usability on their employment-related pages and created them the easiest possible solution to add/remove/edit content within these same pages while presenting the information to prospective and current employees in the best possible manner.


Staab was looking to expand their online employee services & resources and after discussing their needs, we found that our new WordPress theme was a requirement for the additional work required. We took their design, upgraded it to the latest version of our theme and gave it a makeover – establishing a better style and enhanced mobile layout. We also extensively upgraded the layout to their employee portal system.

About Staab Construction

Staab Construction performs work for federal, state and local government agencies. We also perform work for industrial, agricultural and other private entities. While the majority of Staab Construction’s projects have been in Wisconsin, we routinely work in areas of Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan.

They self-perform earthwork, general construction, and mechanical construction. The ability to perform and manage different aspects of their projects, gives them a unique advantage to produce the best product for their customer at the best price! Their in depth experience provides invaluable insight and solutions to all types of project situations.

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