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Staab Construction is a premier builder of Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities throughout the Midwest. Based out of Marshfield, WI, they also specialize in water control and cranberry structures, service work, and earthwork/utility systems.

They ran in to some system issues with their old design and content management system after a server update disabled some code functionality. They needed a new content management system that was easier to maintain themselves and also provided the ability to manage users and permissions properly. Staab’s main priority was to be able to attract new employees to their site and ease the application process. We took an in-depth look at usability on their employment-related pages and created them the easiest possible solution to add/remove/edit content within these same pages while presenting the information to prospective and current employees in the best possible manner.

CWDG will continue to work with Staab Construction as they need us to make sure their information requirements are met. We wish them the best of luck and hope they see continuing growth of their business for years to come!

Update May 2017: Staab is looking to expand their online employee services & resources and after discussing their needs, we found that our new Protean WordPress theme was a requirement for the additional work required. We took our existing design, upgraded it to the latest version of our Protean theme and gave it a makeover – establishing a better style and enhanced mobile layout. We also extensively upgraded the layout to their employee portal system.

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