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Discount Auto Transport is an auto transporter in the Wausau, WI area. He wanted a new look and to outperform his competitors in search results, one of which was blatantly copying his business name. After creating their website and perform extensive SEO on the site, we were able to get him to the #2 spot for this target market.

The website is built using the latest Web technology and has a responsive design. We also performed some keyword analysis and restructuring. Since our design is new and Google’s robots typically only check a site once per week, we don’t have any solid ranking data coming in yet. However, the site is currently #2 for ‘discount auto transport’ so we think that with the adjustments we made, their rankings should be put over the top in to the #1 position. UPDATE 04/02/14: Our SEO measures are working as Discount Auto Transport reports that they are receiving calls for transport from as far as California. As of this time, they are now ranking #2 for their target market, just below their own Better Business Bureau A+┬áranking.

Update: After a long bout in court, our client was awarded his official business name. He is now on page #1 for his tarket market.

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Also check out their sister website, Rapid Auto Transport.