Columbus Bride and Groom

Columbus Bride and Groom

In-house Project

We have worked on many projects for Columbus Bride & Groom. We started with an initial redesign of their site making it responsive and mobile friendly. We built that design into a custom WordPress theme. Once the design was finished we worked on a custom business listing system where their team can add featured listings to their site and manage the listings information quickly and easily. We then researched local keywords and keyphrases to improve their search engine placement. We continue to work with them on updates, improvements and hosting.

About Columbus Bride & Groom

Their goal is to be the best local wedding planner and provide customers with great wedding ideas, inspiration, and match them with the top wedding vendors in Columbus Ohio. They can even help you find some great wedding venues in Columbus that you may not know about! They keep the wedding planning process fun, easy, and relaxing which is why they offer so many options.

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