Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

CWDG LLC - PPC Services

As a business owner, you want your website to be an integral part of your business and the primary location for the information you want your customers to see. Having a great website that’s built solidly on both the design and development level & utilizing social media are crucial components of online success, but sometimes you need something extra to draw in new visitors. This is where a PPC campaign can be your best option!

With the help of CWDG LLC, we’ll help you play your cards right with PPC so you can achieve a healthy return on investment (ROI) where your website is bringing business and making you money!

The main thing to remember is every time a viewer clicks on your ad campaign, you pay.

Don’t let that discourage you though; the goal of a good PPC campaign is to motivate the viewer into reading more about your product/service and eventually purchasing from you. As with any great marketing or advertising campaign, you have to pay a little to make a little. Keep reading to learn more about the best and worst PPC practices.

Pay-Per-Click “Do’s”

  • Set Realistic Goals
    • Researching and determining who your audience is, how they are searching for businesses like yours and estimating how much money you should spend each month are just three of many crucial elements of a successful PPC campaign. Take your time and really think your PPC campaign through.
  • Create a Landing Page
    • Creating a separate page that is built to entice the user into taking action is the best way to get the most from your campaign. This method allows you customize your ad to help reach the goal(s) you have set in place and also allows you to better track how many people your ad campaign is reaching.
  • Research Your Keywords
    • Take the time to get know how your target market works in your area and what terms people are actually using. Doing so will ensure that your ad is reaching not only the most people, but the ones already looking for businesses like yours.

Pay-Per-Click “Dont’s”

  • Spend Money Blindly
    • Without establishing a realistic goal for the campaign, you are essentially flushing your money down the drain. You want your ad to drive more people to your website and generate sales leads, but that can only be achieved if the person who clicks your ad is engaged well enough that they want to purchase from you.
  • Link to Service Page
    • Linking your campaign to your home page or service page is great if your goal is to get people to read something, but it’s not going to help you sell anything. Your informational pages are intended to inform, but you need a page that is going to sell.
  • Rush the Campaign
    • Without knowing how the audience in your target market is searching for businesses like yours, you might be spending money on keywords that don’t reach the right people or you may not reach anyone at all.