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We designed and developed this website for Colorfast Coatings, a group of experienced Littleton, CO painters, who were looking to make their existing design work on mobile devices. We did just that and kept the original design intact with a responsive framework underneath so that they can reach the most amount of people in Littleton.

The owner, Chris, wanted to have the website ranking better as his old site was driving in little to no traffic. After extensive SEO work, Colorfast now swings between the bottom of page 1 and the top of page 2 in Google for his target market.

Update July 18th, 2017: Chris was trailing in rank and needed another round of SEO work to be performed. At the same time, we decided that taking another look at our previous design was imperative. We remastered his design and performed a wide variety of on-page SEO measures to help him rank higher in his area. His search rank is already climbing back up and we will continue to try to get him to the top of his local market.

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