Protean Foundation Theme

Protean Foundation WordPress Theme

: able to do many different things; versatile

CWDG has been working with custom WordPress themes for the past three years and took that time to really learn the in’s and out’s. We fully understand how WordPress is built and operates which is fundamental to provide what we feel is the best available WordPress CMS.

The biggest problem we saw with the most popular WordPress themes was that even though they were very user-friendly, the code was hastily written and then compounded on with a ton of plugins that weren’t built any better. These sites were usually riddled with code errors and layout problems. The more you would design and develop, the more problems would occur.

We then decided to build our Protean theme which has rock-solid information architecture, is built with web designers and developers in mind and eliminates the need for common WordPress plugins. Along with a modern default look and feel with incredible versatility on the back-end, we created our Protean theme.

A Few Features

  • Built with Zurb’s framework, Foundation 6
  • Fluid Font Typography
  • Incredibly Fast
    • Loads in less than 1.2 seconds uncompressed
  • Built-In Software to replace common Plugins:
    • Slideshows & Carousels
    • Image Galleries
    • Custom Post Types
    • Portfolios
    • Calendar w/Events
    • Pre-made Contact Forms
    • Custom Menus & Feeds
    • Numerous Widget Areas
    • Social Media Integration
    • OpenGraph & Twitter Card
    • Business Hours