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Real-World Stat: Approximately 75,000,000 websites are made with WordPress.

If you read the article above, you know that WordPress is the fastest growing Web platform business owners are using to get a quality website they can maintain themselves. WordPress is versatile, flexible, user-friendly and is arguably the best medium between paying full price for a web designer & developer and building the site for free through a website builder.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is essentially a website-in-a-box; once downloaded and installed properly on your webspace, you have a fully-functional website and blog that you can start using almost immediately. The default installation gives you a few in-house themes to choose from or you can design you own; the choice is entirely up to you!

WordPress is so versatile, we created our own custom WordPress theme (Protean) and created this website with it!

We can work with any WordPress theme you can imagine and can even take old WordPress themes and make them viewable on all devices. Contact us today for more information about our WordPress services. See below for more information on our Protean theme